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Whoever is planning on leaking the album please let me know five minutes beforehand so I can get online and prepare myself 

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like yeah that’s great that you feel like white/straight/cis/male people aren’t the problem and racists/homophobes/transphobes/sexists are

but the PROBLEM with that is like what do you do when the racists, homophobes, transphobes, and sexists are well-documented across history as being white, straight, cis men and the institutions, governments and countries they control????

so yeah ~*~not all white people~*~ but don’t you dare ignore for a second the importance of the fact that white, straight, cis men are behind some really nasty history and have set up a very discriminatory system that is STILL affecting people today.

So you have only had sex once? Or have you had any other experiences sexually and other stuff not just full sex?
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Second one

Cont. 11: Do you have a favorite postion? If yes, which? 12: What was your first sexual experience? 13: Do you care about the sexual orientation of others? 14: What kind of foreplay do you prefer? 15: Have you ever tried anal or with another girl. 16: Do you like to fuck or make love?I like a good fucking, because I don’t think I’ve experienced ‘making love’. 17: Are you Vanilla or Chocolate? 18: Name 5 of your favorite kinks 19: Tell us 3 things that turn you on. 20: 3 things that turn you off
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11. N/A
12. Touching with a girl who I was friends with.
13. No.
14. I haven’t experienced enough to have a preference.
15. I assume this means have you ever done stuff with another girl, if so, answer 12.
16. N/A
17. what
18. Idk
19. uhhhhhhh idk
20. again idk

20 Sexual Sunday questions for the utterly bored ones (it’s not Sunday but go for it anyways!) 1: With how many people did you have sex? 2: What’s your sexual orientation? 3: Do you think God gives a crap about sexual orientation? 4: How often do you masturbate? 5: Describe your first time. 6: Would you ever have sex with anyone from work? 7: Describe the best sex you ever had. 8: Who’s the best fuck? 9: Are you obsessed with sex? 10: Post a nude pic of your character
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1. 0
2. Pansexual
3. I don’t believe in God.
4. Very often.
5. N/A
6. Not from the work I’m at now but if I liked someone that much from a future job, maybe.
7. Well I got a guy to come to my flat at 3am with a taxi which cost £30 and I got my orgasm and he didn’t so.
8. N/A
9. I don’t think so.
10. No.


how come every time harry and louis are spotted in public yall like


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